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Upcoming Missions:

Thursday, October 14th and Friday, October 15th, 2021

Upcoming two part mission Thursday 10-14-2021 at West Fargo and Friday 10-15-2021 Mandan.

The NDPG has been asked to Honor the life of Vietnam Army Veteran Paul Jon Hyndman.

Part 1: Thursday stage at West Funeral home 321 Sheyenne St West Fargo ND

58078 at 9:30 am ct. RCIC will be Frank Hebert.

Briefing at 9:30 am in parking lot across from the funeral home. We will then stand flag line during visitation 10-11. Stand down during service resume flag line afterwards.

Part 2:

Burial is 2:00 pm ct at the NDVC south of Mandan ND.

Stage at the chapel at 1:45 pm ct where we will stand a flagline.

Remember these are rain or shine missions so bring what you need to be self-sufficient and remember your 3X5 flags.

RCIC is Dave Mills