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The North Dakota Patriot Guard is focused on providing the respect that all of our military men and women deserve. We are not a motorcycle club. We only come together as missions dictate to honor and respect those that have gone before us, or are currently serving our great nation.

For the latest, visit both the Upcoming Missions & Events pages

Recent News:

Do to the Covid-19, most states have suspended doing Patriot Guard missions. North Dakota is a rural state, therefore I feel we can still do missions. It will have to be in a more limited way then we would normally do at a funeral. If we do stand a flag line it will have to be from a distance where we can be seen but not in any close contact with the Family. Also we will stand at least six to ten feet apart. If we do an escort we will be a distance away from the hearse and fall in a block or so away. Once we are at the cemetery we will again stand far enough back to not worry about the spread of anything. Also anyone taking part in the mission needs to be wearing a mask. Anyone who needs the NDPG to be involved in a funeral or escort can ask on our website or contact a ride captain.

Arlen Halverson-NDPG State Captain

An audio announcement that the ND Patriot Guard is sponsoring with radio stations in the area:

Suicide Prevention Advertisement

To our soldiers.....

May God bless you each and every one

For all you do for us each day

We will keep you in our hearts

And for your safety we will pray.